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How will the Silk tie too tight happen?

Ifweusuallytiedasilk tietootightwillproducewhatkindofresults?Mostpeoplewoulddefinitelyfeel strange,donottietootightwilltheycontinuetotrouble?Yes,thetietootightcancauseeyefatigue,wewill lookatacase.

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Choose your flowers tie

Asweallknow,thetieonbehalfofthementasteforclothing,appropriateclotheswithtieintacttoprove youraestheticpopularandfashionpointofview.Thenyouhaveabsoluteconfidenceaflowertieyour heartallembody? From

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Choose your flowers tie

Asweallknow,thetieonbehalfofthementasteforclothing,appropriateclotheswithtieintacttoproveyouraesthetic popularandfashionpointofview.Thenyouhaveabsoluteconfidenceaflowertieyourheartallembody?

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how to select a groom tie?

Marriedlifeisthetimeforeveryone,soallthepreparatoryworkmustbedoneveryfull,cannotbesloppy.Thetieforthe groomisthefinishingtouch,relyonthetiewithahandsomehandsomegroomimage,thecolorisparticularlyimporta

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Different color tie effect of different visual

Aseveryoneknows,thedifferentcolortiewillhaveadifferentvisualeffect,belowwehavealookatit. 1. whiteshirt,darkblueginghamtie Asimplewhiteshirtisthewearingofthemenpreferred,withapatternofsquarestie,theo

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Tie originated

Do you knowtheoriginated tie originated in where? Now the earliest known version of the necktie has been found in the massive tomb of the first emperor of China, the First Emperor, who was buried des

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The process of the silk tie

SilktieforToday'ssocietyisarelativelycommonmen'sclothingaccessories,theprocessishowarewedoing? Silk tie pattern design: silk tie pattern designer wear tie a variety of clothing, favorite flower, colo

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The evolution of the tie


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Do you know the common sense of the tie?

Presumably a reference to the tie, we can say that no one I do not know, ah, but the tie common sense how many people know? You know how much? 1. The type of tie: Tie varieties can be divided

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Silk raw materials and processes

1. Silk: silk (mulberry), silk (oak), Mulberry silk (mulberry silk), oak (oak silk), spun silk, mulberry axoneme (Sang-axis), oak axoneme (equal axis), castor Silk (grate) general. ? 2. viscose rayon

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Silk benefits on the human body

We all know that silkWhat are the benefits to the human body? Silk, surely we are all familiar with, we may only know the material is good, but do not know exactly where better following to Jinfa Shen

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The difference of silk and silk fiber


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Types of Artificial Silk

Clothesclassweoftenseeinthemarkethavealotofsilk-classingredientsofthesespinningclasssilkfabric,whatisit?Theyallhavevarieties? 1.Viscoserayon:(scientificname:viscosefibers.Naming:thestickyfiber)rawmate

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Teach you how to wash and maintenance polyester tie

1.Washingway Polyestertiefabricliningmaterialswashedveryvolatilewrinkles,aswellaseasytodestroythesheenonthesurfaceofthetie,totiethewholemustnotbewashedintothewater,preferablydrycleaning.Thetieknotte

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The origin of the tie

Tie began in the era of the Roman Empire. At that time, the soldiers neck, wearing a similar scarf and tie things. In France until 1668, the tie began to become today this style and developed into an

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Teach you the recipe for the shirt and tie with the law "

For many office workers, a suit, shirt and tie seems to be dressed in costumes for a standard, but if you think being a white-collar workers a part of you, only white shirts only alternative, then you

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The choice with Uniform suit, tie, shirt

Uniform suit Generally preferred dark suit in the formal occasions (such as black, dark blue, dark gray), followed by gray, brown and hidden Article. Young people if you want to easily leisure then, m

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Silk scarves and face match

Different people different faces to match a variety of silk scarves, now small collocation principles of writing a gathering made the following finishing!

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Wild silk scarves, a workplace Beauty!

Each woman of wardrobe in the, apart from many clothes will has several silk silk towel, silk silk towel is clothes of dot, a General of clothes by a section silk silk towel little of dot on will live color health fragrant up, but silk silk towel of of method and the color of match, how selected a paragraph for themselves of silk silk towel, inside is great learning, today, let I, said which of mystery 's!

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What kind of tie of good quality? What is the difference between silk tie Necktie?

What kind of necktie of good quality? What is the difference between silk necktie and polyester necktie?

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