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The Essential Elements of a Good Silk Tie

(Collected and Edited by Jinfa Tie).

 We were asked to offer a critical review on current styles and future trends for silk neckties by Fibre2 fashion. So we got to the core.

What are the elements of a good Necktie? First of all, the proportions, blade width and length, should be 85mm to 90mm x 1540 to 1560mm long. The chosen fabric must incorporate a balance of colour pattern and texture. There is also the quality of interlining. Many consider 100% wool to be best; however, it reacts greatly with atmospheric changes absorbing moisture and can buckle your tie.

According to seasoned tie makers wool blends are the best, they also recommend taffeta tipping instead of silk because it adds weight to the end of ties so it will hang better.

What are the trends that are currently in vogue in neckties? The current trends vary from brand to brand. There is a strong generic flavour inherent in most mainline brands; stripes are the strongest and most popular, then there are polka dots, some paisley and interesting geometric shapes, the colours, still blues and reds for conservatism.

There’re very few floral’s on the market, they too are generic, which sums up the current state of the market, everything is pretty much the same. There is a large niche to filled and customers wanting to buy, but few retailers are willing to take the gamble of being truly different.

Where do you see the market for neckties in the next 5 years? Women’s fashion always has strong influences on men’s fashion, only it is watered down to masculine acceptance. Spring summer 2009 is going to be alive with floral’s for men and women. The skinny tie has withered away and the traditional broader style is back in vogue as always.

The next five years will see men making more of their own choices of clothing style, especially accessories. The demand for luxury, bespoke, handmade silk ties is steadily growing and helping keep a long standing English weaving and manufacturing industry alive.

In keeping with Jean Patou and French designer of the 1920’s who used women’s dress fabric material for his designer silk ties and had them displayed next to women’s cosmetic sections. They were a huge hit, so we took a leaf out of his book and thought it time for a return to floral ties in the tradition of Jean Patou.

The brands to watch over the next five years are Vivienne Westwood, Timothy Everest, Victoria Richards and Patrick McMurray; they are true independent’s that set standards of style at both ends of the scale.

What are the points that one should keep in mind in choosing a neckties? Firstly, the value is in the product not the name. Depending on ones budget, feel for the weight of the tie, rub the fabric gently between your fingers and you can judge quite easily the density of silk and lining.

A well designed tie, apart from construction, should contain the right balance of colour, pattern and texture regardless of style type.

You can expect to pay about £45 and upwards for a good quality tie handmade in England, be ware of imitations and counterfeits, the internet is rife.

How much does a necktie contribute to the style quotient of a person? A silk necktie is the epitome of male self expression; it reflects his mood and character and brings a collection of clothing together. In fact, rather than being classified as an accessory, it becomes a central focal point for comment.

How has public attitude towards neckties changed in the last decade? In the fashion industry attitudes are changing all the time, concurrent with fashion itself, there was the dress down era, now we are returning to the dress up and dandy era, so as styles change so do attitudes.



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