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Bow tie – It’s different from the regular necktie

Bow tie – It’s different from the regular necktie

If you are tired off with the same pattern of tying a necktie each time, you can simply change a little to your routine with the help of bow tie. Bow tie is one of the fashion accessories worn with suits or dinner jackets. It is made up of a ribbon fabric that could be tied around the collar in a symmetrical manner so that the two opposite ends form loops.

    There are ready-tied
bow ties where a distinctive bow is sewn into shape and the band tied around neck has a clip. Bow ties could be made of silk, polyester or mix of fabrics. Tying a bow tie
is also not so difficult that you can’t tie it yourself. After wearing your outfit or formal wear just follow the below mentioned instructions:

1. You should start with the left end that should be 4 cm longer than the right end. Then slip the short end under the long end.

2. Next you need to choose how much loose you want the
to be. You can take the collar button as the reference point and finish crossing the long end over the short end.

3. Still holding the
at the button to keep it loose, you need to slip the long end under the short end.

4. Zig-zag the end on your chest whereby one fold is the wide part of the tie.

5. After you finish the Zig–zag, fold the long flap over the front of tie.

6. Pinch the front of the
in half and then swing the long flap to the right.

7. Push the pinched corner through the hole and flatten the right half of the front.

8. Slip a finger into the left bow and even up the three layers on the right half while pulling the left bow through the hole.

9. Grip all the three layers on the right and pull the left bow through the hole.

10. Then you need to flatten the left half of the front and straighten the

11. Next tuck the shirt points between tie’s thin strip and the bow tie.

12. You have completed the entire process and if you want to untie pull the single ends. That’s it.

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