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Need an excuse to wear your scarf?

Need an excuse to wear your scarf?

Jen Glantz

As winter winds sweep through Orlando, one accessory every girl needs to stay warm this spring semester is a scarf.

Whether you wear it around your neck, your waist or your head, scarves can be used to keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

What you will need for these looks are colorful, thin scarves and a little creativity.
The slik necktie
This classic style is perfect on cold days to keep the chilly wind away from your body.
Take the scarf and fold it in half, forming a loop at one end. Place this around your neck. Next, take the ends and place it in the loop and pull through. If you are wearing a top with a lower neckline, feel free to tuck the loose ends inside the shirt.
This gives the illusion that the shirt and scarf are attached, making your outfit appear neater. This style is perfect for dressing up any outfit in any season and will keep you warm and stylish.
The high-waisted belt
This look can be executed well with jeans and a simple plain, long T-shirt that should go down around your pants pockets. To dress this outfit up a bit, add a high-waisted belt using your scarf.
Take your scarf and hold it horizontally in front of your body with both hands. Next, wrap it around your upper waist, bringing the ends toward the front of your body and overlapping the scarf. Finally,silk necktie the loose ends into a bow or use a safety pin to keep the scarf together.
This look is great for shrinking your waist and accentuating your upper body.
The headband
If it gets hot outside and you have no place to put a scarf that was keeping you warm, try dressing up your hair with a scarf headband.
Simply hold both ends horizontally and place it on the front section of your hair. Either wrap the scarf around once or twice, or just tie it as you place it over your hair. Having the ends drape on the side or back of the shirt can help dress up your outfit as well as your hair. This look works best with medium to long hair lengths and is ideal for making features on your face pop. Your lips, eyes and cheekbones will stand out and shine.
The accessory
Smaller silk scarves can be used to dress up your body as well as your purse.
Fold one of these oblong scarves into a triangle and place it in your shirt pocket for an added spice to your outfit. Did you forget to buy accessories? Just wrap the thin scarf around your wrist, creating a colorful and bold bracelet. Also, tying it to the handle of your purse can add color and pattern to an everyday bag.
So when the weather is making you bundle up and layer on everything you own, don't forget your scarf. This is one very important accessory this season that will add style and warmth to any outfit.

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